The sincerest type of beauty lays in the simplicity. (Natalie Qurani | Jordan)

A very wise man once said: " the sincerest type of beauty lays in the simplicity".

When I arrived to Bratislava, I never thought that this beauty will blossom to me, I had no idea that I will fall in love with this very small city, with its heavenly nature, with the generosity of the people, the kind of love, and homey feeling it offers that I am sure is hard to be found in any place.


Before being accepted by IAESTE I didn't know anything about Slovakia. Perhaps just the fact that Czechoslovakia was one country and they split into two in 1992 or something like that, however, the travelling decision was an easy one to take, I searched the city and directly something caught me, just to put you in the picture, the city is by the Danube river, and standing on the opposite hill, the Great Castle of the city, the old town is just 5 min walking from there everything sound perfect.




But, what makes any experience memorable is the people. The kindness, the sweet smile and the willingness to help no matter what, that mixture is found in the people of Slovakia and especially Bratislava, but to be honest the quality that I admired is that they are really patient, nothing has to go in a hurry, suddenly time slows down, giving you a moment just to relax,  where in the contrast I come from a region where people have a high temper and need things to be done fast, that quality was something to remember. One other thing I loved there is the graphite drawing that covers almost all the buildings there. It expressed the youth mentality and their needs. despite it was unorganised, it just was pretty.



First day of work started and I went directly to STU "Slovak Technical University", where I used to work and when I came near It, names and years were written all over the ground, it was strange, and then I figured out it was another tradition for the graduating students, when they finish Bachelors to write their names and the year of graduating near their faculty on the ground, some of those years went back to 2009 or something.


...but to be honest the Slovakian experience wouldn't be completed without a visit to High Tatras. It's the highest mountains in Slovakia, and 6 hours by train from Bratislava...long travel, but totally worth it. The beauty of the nature there is incomparable to anything I have ever seen. If you are going to any trip at anytime, I totally recommend Slovakia as a first destination.

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